Open Session Agenda     
Presenter: Ms. Wanda Arrowood
Time:  6:10 PM
Board Action Requested: Information, Discussion and Approval

Supporting Documents/Files:
  06b BTSP Handbook (1).pdf
  06c Financial Planning Subcommittee Update.pdf
  06d Budget Request.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 3320 School Trips.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 4335 Criminal Behavior.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 5000 Schools and the Community.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 6000 Support Services.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 6550 Vandalism.pdf
  06f 2nd Reading 7950 Non-Career Status Teachers Nonrenewal.pdf
  06h Superintendents Report.pdf

Consent Agenda items for consideration.
Approval of the Minutes from September 15, 2016.
Approval of the Beginning Teacher Support Handbook as
prepared by Ms. Pam Pressley.
Approval & acceptance of the Financial Planning
Subcommittee Update as prepared by Mr. John Higdon.
Approval of the Budget Request as prepared by Ms. Stephanie
Approval of policies for second reading as prepared by the
Policy Subcommittee:
1) 3320 School Trips
2) 4335 Criminal Behavior
3) 5000 Schools and the Community
4) 6000 Support Services
5) 6550 Vandalism
6) 7950 Non-Career Status Teachers: Non-Renewal
Acceptance of the policies for first reading as prepared by
the Policy Subcommittee:
1) 1760/7280 Prohibition Against Retaliation
2) 2130 Board Member Compensation and Expenses
3) 3420 Student Promotion and Accountability
4) 4333 Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats, and
Clear Threats to Safety
5) 5027/7275 Weapons and Explosives Prohibited
Acceptance of the Superintendents report. Those items
reviewed on the report are:
1) Superintendents approval of Overnight Fieldtrips:
i. The Hiwassee Dam High School Seniors October
13 and 14, 2016.
ii. Seniors of TCEC on November 9 and 10,
iii. Global studies students of MHS March 29 and
April 5, 2017.
iv. Students from the Junior and Senior classes
of AHS March 10 through 14, 2017.
v. Students of AHS November 3 and 4, 2016