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Cherokee County Schools2
911 Andrews Road
Murphy, North Carolina 28906
Office: 828.837.2722
Fax: 828.835.7896
  Ms. Jeana Hardin Superintendent  
  Ms. Wanda Arrowood Board Chair  
  Mr. Paul Brown Vice Board Chair  
  Ms. Debbie Hogan Board Member / Scribe  
  Dr. David Ackerman Board Member  
  Mr. Randy Barnett Board Member  
  Mr. Winfield Clonts Board Member  
  Mr. Tim Coffey Board Member  
Superintendent to resign from North Carolina school system
North Carolina school superintendent suspended with pay
A RedForEd Wave: Teachers in North and South Carolina Leave Classrooms in Protest
North Carolina Awards $12 Million Dollar Grant to Improve Literacy Instruction
Two More Statewide Teacher Protests Are on the Horizon
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Educators Who Ran for Office Share Their Lessons Learned (Video)
Barry Manilow gifts North Carolina high school $100,000
North Carolina Teachers Say Conditions in Schools Are 'Unacceptable'
The Latest in a Season of Protests: N.C. Teachers Will Rally on Wednesday
Next Stop for Widespread Teacher Activism? North Carolina
New Study Shows 1-to-1 Technology Improves Student Achievement in Math Over Time
Despite Court Ruling, N.C.'s State Chief, Board Still Quibble Over Who's in Charge
Betsy DeVos Greenlights ESSA Plans for Nebraska and North Carolina
Leveraging the Community to Broaden Students' Horizons
Elementary School Teachers in North Carolina Turn Attention to Cursive Writing
North Carolina Teachers Turn Out in Droves for Daylong Protest
N.C. High Court Hears Case on Who's in Charge of K-12
Utah Ruling Highlights Sticky Issue of Partisan School Board Elections

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