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Board meeting bullets are available for download by clicking the PDF icon beside the meeting in the list above. In order to view this you must have Adobe Acrobat® Reader installed. If you do not know if you have it installed click the button below to check your computer.
N Carolina teacher pay, student spending improved last year - Education Week
Threat teams, peer counseling recommended for school safety - Education Week
Cooper seeks $130M for school safety, mental health needs - Education Week
Cooper unveils school safety, mental health recommendations - Education Week
Training, prestige important to attract school officers - Education Week
Report doesn't judge whether splitting districts makes sense - Education Week
Legislators want more schools to make security plans - Education Week
Superintendent says no more dismissals after 9 bomb threats - Education Week
Study: South should spend on schools, train homegrown talent - Education Week
Psychologists: Early help could deter school violence - Education Week
School psychologists concerned about staffing levels - Education Week
Report: 23 percent of North Carolina teacher often absent - Education Week
A rarity: N Carolina county has armed officer in each school - Education Week
Report: School boards, counties should stay out of court - Education Week
Agency: School boards, counties should stay out of court - Education Week
North Carolina Teachers Must Repay; Bonuses Paid to Them in Error - Education Week
Need a STEM Teacher? This District Trains Its Own - Education Week
North Carolina Earns a C-Minus on State Report Card, Ranks 40th in Nation - Education Week
Partisan School Board Elections a Source of Anxiety for North Carolina - Education Week
North Carolina Drops Charges Against Ferguson, Mo., Superintendent - Education Week

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