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Board meeting bullets are available for download by clicking the PDF icon beside the meeting in the list above. In order to view this you must have Adobe Acrobat® Reader installed. If you do not know if you have it installed click the button below to check your computer.
Cooper announces advisory committee, thanks teachers - Education Week
School district's new dress code bans Confederate flag - Education Week
Award-winning drama teacher sues district for discrimination - Education Week
Cooper again sues to defend powers, challenges legislature - Education Week
Governor starts school supply drive, criticizes GOP spending - Education Week
NC budget cuts hit people and programs to help poor schools - Education Week
N.C. Board Rejects Ban on Confederate Flags - Education Week
K-12 Funding, ESSA Hot Topics as State Legislatures Convene - Education Week
North Carolina Earns a C-Minus on State Report Card, Ranks 39th in Nation - Education Week
N.C. Teacher Suspended for Stepping on Flag in Class - Education Week
N.C. Superintendent's Philosophy on Being a Woman and a Schools Chief: 'You Just Do the Work' - Education Week
Outsized Influence: Online Charters Bring Lobbying 'A' Game to States - Education Week
Election's Intolerant Tone Stokes Fears for Latino Students - Education Week
Disadvantaged Students Outnumbered at Top Public Boarding Schools - Education Week
Fresh Policy Leverage Waits as Governors' Contests Heat Up - Education Week
Q&A: Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., Talks ESSA, K-12 Policy - Education Week
Unaccompanied Minors Face New Milestone: Graduation - Education Week
Schools at Center of Feud Over N.C. Transgender Law - Education Week
N.C. Supreme Court Rejects Teacher Anti-Tenure Law - Education Week
N.C. Law Restricts Transgender Student Restroom Access - Education Week

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